How it Works

The concept of an easy-to-use ‘direct’ or laser-like interactive pointing system has long been an elusive ideal. With the advent of small and cheap sensors it has finally become reality. Using state-of-the-art electronics, the Upoint wand senses its own orientation in 3D and uses it to calculate its point-of-aim on the display. To this end, the wand is first aligned with the display in a one-time setup procedure in which the user points to screen corners. After that, whenever you need a cursor, just drag it out of the display’s top right corner!

An even more versatile system results when the so-called PinPoint positioning system is attached to the corners of the display, which allow the system to seamlessly and wirelessly track not only the wand’s orientation but also its position in relation to the display. With PinPoints, life couldn’t be easier: just point and click!

Of course, the Upoint wand also conveniently features a normal laser pointer, as well as slide forward, slide backward, left and right mouse buttons. Put together, this results in the most powerful presentation control unit you will ever need!

Watch the video to see the Upoint/PinPoint system in action!